08/2015 : Hiking for the Arctic-EN

One woman, two dogs, 800 kilometers on foot…..


A faithful client of ours contacted us for a very special transport, much different than our regular traffic, of another genre:  to send 4 packages filled with dry food and clothes to four different destinations in Finland and Sweden and on four different dates.


This person, Rachel F. Bandieri is taking on a very uncommon adventure. She’s taking a hike of 800 kilometers on the north of Scandinavia called “Nordkalottruta” (Arctic Trail).  But this isn’t all, she’s taking her two dogs Sparta and Nyx with her!  What an adventure!


We couldn’t resist being part of this fabulous project.  Our participation assures that the four boxes arrive in good condition and on time. First thing is to send the 4 boxes on one pallet to our agent in Goteborg, then he will use a local delivery service for all different destinations. Obviously, the boxes contain the food for the dogs and their mistress along with extra clothes for her.  It’s impossible for Rachel to carry 80 kilos and she needs some stops to replentish her supplies. She will start with 20 kilos and the two dogs will carry 2 kilos each.


We must congratulate Rachel and her two furry friends and wish them much luck and a beautiful hike without any problems.


For all the details, follow up photos and stories don’t hesitate to check out her blog and her public Facebook page :

Blog : http://www.hikingforthearctic.ch
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/RFB-Concept/272520256119700?ref=ts&fref=ts

Olivier Jimenez